Medical and laboratory technology

The Paravent and Hemoron products, as well as C-GAS laboratory regulator, are of our own design and manufacture.

Apart from own products we offer production of medical and laboratory devices as turnkey projects (OEM), and sub-assemblies, or individual parts of equipment.

Medical Equipment

Paravent® – breathing/ventilation device line

Paravent® P paramedic – doesn’t need electric supply

Paravent accessories – masks, tubes, …

Hemoron® – proctologic treatment set

Hemoron accessories – non-conductive anoscopes, needles, electrodes

Lab Technologies

Flow gauge/gas measuring C-GAS                     

C-gas 02 is a laboratory regulator of gas flow It is used for accurate dosage of gases in laboratory operations.

30 ml/min. (air)

200 ml/min. (air)

1000 ml/min. (air)

The maximum ranges differ for other gases than air (e.g. helium – 7 times higher). The operating range can be set using the control menu within 5-100%. The desired flow can be set within the range of 2–98%.

The flow value is displayed on  LCD as SET VALUE/MEASURED VALUE. Both values are per cent of the operating range. Possible lack of linearity of the sensor is not compensated.

Operator uses buttons on the control panel. The device can be also controlled remotely from PC, using RS 232 line and C-GAS02 programme, which is included in the delivery. More devices can be connected, and using the programme addresses dedicated to control up to 10 devices simultaneously.

The device is supplied from external source (adaptor 230V AC/15V DC).

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