ELMET, spol. s.r.o.

A family company with a manufacturing tradition since 1991

We specialize in custom-made electronics, precise mechanics, medical and laboratory
equipment. We also offer CNC machining and PCB mounting. We manufacture heat pumps, heating systems, lung ventilators, RACK boxes, and electric golf trolleys Dog Leg.

About us

ELMET, spol. s r.o. company as established in Přelouč in 1991.

It was built on long years of local electrical engineering tradition, represented by TESLA Přelouč enterprise. Four pillars of the company’s business are: electrical manufacture, mechanical components, environment-friendly heating, and medical/laboratory equipment. Apart from the above-mentioned programmes we produce our own golf trolleys under the brand name Dog Leg.

Metal Working

We offer custom-made metal working, and precise metal sheet processing on CNC.

Healthy House

We offer active and passive recuperation equipment, anti-fungal ventilation and a lot more.

Medical Equipment

We offer our own product lines Paravent and Hemoron.


We offer high-capacity PCB mounting on our modern automatic lines.

Dog Leg Golf Trolley

We offer golf trolleys with battery capacity allowing smooth game on golf course of up to 27 holes.

Lab Technologies

We offer the sale of own gas flow regulators C-GAS.

Metal Working

We offer custom-made metal working, and precise metal sheet processing on CNC machines.

Our range of services includes piece, small and large series production according to your drawings, CAD, and CAM processing. Development and production of prototypes and samples. Design according to customer’s specifications.


The lines are fully automated, allowing for THT mounting and final assembly of your products.

We are ready to use our advanced technologies to deliver: from single pieces to small and large scale production, according to your documentation. Development and production of samples. Source documentation for manufacture and assembly.

Healthy House

We offer active and passive recuperation equipment, and a lot more. We can supply active and passive recuperation devices, anti-mildew ventilation, active low-temperature radiators, and compact “single-piece” heat pumps.

Our offer for family and apartment houses and small businesses includes:

  • Contacts to specialists
  • Consulting services – purchase and installation of heating systems
  • Completion of heating systems, recuperation
  • Remote control of pump operation etc.

Dog Leg Golf Trolley

Electromobility on the green

The golf trolleys are made in timeless design, from the best materials. Most components are supplied by Czech partners. The motors are top-notch Swiss quality. The battery capacity is sufficient for 27-hole course.

Medical and Laboratory Equipment

The Paravent and Hemoron products, as well as C-GAS laboratory regulator, are of our own design and manufacture.

Apart from own products we offer production of medical and laboratory devices as turnkey projects (OEM), and sub-assemblies, or individual parts of equipment.


ELMET, spol. s r.o.
Nádražní 889, 535 01 Přelouč
The Czech Republic

ID: 42936349
VAT ID: CZ 42936349

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